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In this blog, you will find contributions from people of different backgrounds, experiences and views on the refugee and migrant crisis that Europe is facing, especially since the 2011 Arab Spring. The written contributions here can be categorised into two groups: the one is composed of texts, poems, and visual contributions created either in direct dialogue with the artworks of the exhibition or by the participating artists; the other is made up of texts by people that have first-hand experiences of the ‘crisis’ - either practically or through their research – and analyse here one particular issue related to their work. The views presented here belong to their authors, and might not always align with the views underlined by the exhibition. This is an intentional decision as this 'crisis' is not unified, singular or simple for one to apprehend, while even the actual term 'crisis' needs to be contested in its own right. Many things have already been written in the last eight years on these themes. Yet, it is important for the discussion to continue, and for us - the readers, viewers, or writers - to not stop challenging pre-constructed notions and inhuman governmental policies. Because then and only then we might have the possibility to change the injustices that thousands of people continue to face on their journey towards the hope of a better tomorrow. 


Kyveli Lignou-Tsamantani

July 2018

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